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05.11.2022 15:57
Accounting services Antworten

Confidus auditors and lawyers are happy to offer you the following services:

preparation and submission of financial accounts and reports;
preparation of annual accounts;
Preparation and accounting of all internal accounting documents;
Communicate with local tax offices if required;
management of corporate accounts;
Legal advice and accounting support during the audit;
Revision, improvement and modernization of the internal accounting system.
Choosing Confidus Solutions as your professional accountant also gives you the following benefits:

Cost Reductions - We can help you get rid of unnecessary expenses and consolidate transactions and accounts;
Increased efficiency and productivity - Our services are designed to give you a broader view of productivity and time to achieve your key business goals;
Quality Accuracy and Fast Turnaround Time - We adhere to high efficiency rate. We ensure the highest possible quality of work is carried out;
Clarity and data security - We systematically create and transmit ongoing reports. Rest assured that your data is safe and secure with our professionals.
The list of services above is not exhaustive. We can also offer unique solutions based on your needs. If you need more information – please contact us.

Accounting Services Fees
Accounting services fees are determined individually for each client, mainly depending on the amount of accounting documents and the number of transactions per month. Other factors that determine the fees for our services are: complexity of transactions, industry of the company, number of employees and amount of assets.
Invoices for accounting services are usually settled monthly. However, we can also agree on quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments for services rendered. We know and fully understand that every client needs to plan their financial activities in advance.

Hourly based fees and fixed price agreements
There is always the option to charge accounting fees based on time spent. As practice shows, many foreign customers prefer to work together on fixed-price agreements, as this provides greater security and predictability. However, if the workload is almost unpredictable or the accounting processes are more complex, we can try to negotiate an hourly rate.

If you would like to receive a package deal for accounting services in advance, please let us know the following information:

Description of planned operations, movement of goods and services, and cash flow;
Planned amount of incoming invoices;
Planned quantity of A/R invoices;
Number of corporate bank accounts and currencies used for payments.
One of the best things about Confidus accounting services is that tax advice and tax planning advice are included in the fee for our accounting services.

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